Retail Consultant · Interim Manager · Ecommerce Expert

Mark Taylor


Retail Consultant · Ecommerce Expert · Board Advisor
Helping retail companies to realise their full potential.

01. Strategic

Retail Solutions is a retail consultancy that helps retailers to enhance their retail, digital, eCommerce & blockchain strategies and realise their full potential.

02. Professional

An experienced retailer, having held senior leadership roles with some of the biggest retailers in the UK, including Marks & Spencer, River Island and Shop Direct.

03. Experienced

Built on the solid foundations of retail operations, Mark also has extensive strategic, tactical and hands-on experience with digital, eCommerce & retail blockchain.

Retail Consultant

An Experienced & Professional Retail Consultant

Mark Taylor

CEO & Founder

Bitten by the retail bug at a young age, selling newspapers from age 10 then moving on to a Saturday job at the local Woolworths (do you remember pick ‘n’ mix?). A few (cough!) years later, with a wealth of experience under my belt, I’m still as passionate as that 10 year old, just with a few more grey hairs.

Having lived in over 30 places through my career, I’m now settled with my family in the North-West. Married to my wonderful Wife and have 3 fantastic children. Skiing, squash and football are behind me but that just gives me more time for cladding lycra, adorning my mamil persona and cycling extensively throughout the hills and lanes of the Cheshire & North Wales countryside, I also write a cycling blog ( In my spare time, I help friends and support charities with their WordPress website design & development needs.

Retail Experience & Specialisms

Retail Operations · Digital · eCommerce · Retail Blockchain

Retail Operations

Over 20 years of store, regional & national retail operations experience.


Extensive eCommerce experience, strategically, tactically & hands-on execution.


Over 20 years of retail digital commerce, from marketing & content to SEO & CRO.

Franchise & Wholesale

Extensive franchise & wholesale experience throughout Europe & Middle East.

Retail Infrastructure

Experience with retail support teams; marketing, finance, buying & merchandising, logistics and supply chain.

Retail Technology

Technically strong with experience in systems integrations, platform migrations, core IT, web development & WordPress websites.

International Retail

International experience throughout Europe, Middle East & South America plus product development with Chinese suppliers.

Product Range

An eclectic product mix, from fashion, clothing & sportswear to homeware, food, telecoms & musical instruments.

Product Development

Support UK retail companies sell into International markets and work with Chinese suppliers to develop own brand product ranges.

Retail Blockchain

Exploring Retail Blockchain in the context of solving real-world problems for retail businesses. Using blockchain technology in retail offers multiple benefits.


APPG Blockchain

Retail Advisor to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain (APPG Blockchain), contributing to evidence sessions and relevant Advisory Board meetings.

Retail Blockchain Advisor

A leading authority on Retail Blockchain. As a retail consultant, I assist retail companies to explore blockchain technology across the breadth of the retail spectrum.

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Wirral, United Kingdom