Retail Blockchain Advisor - helping retail companies to explore blockchain technology within Retail and eCommerce.


Mark is an experienced retailer, having held senior leadership roles across the breadth of the retail sector, including Marks & Spencer, River Island and Littlewoods Shop Direct. He has managed a broad range of retail operations, franchise operations, wholesale and joint ventures, alongside responsibilities for retail support teams including marketing, finance, buying & merchandising, IT, web development, logistics and supply chain.


Mark’s interest in eCommerce started in 2002 whilst at River Island and has continued ever since. The fast-pace and technical challenges of this aspect of Retail is what appeals to his commercial geek nature. He has a thorough knowledge of each component part of eCommerce, from operations, platforms, web developments and technical SEO, to digital marketing, UX and CX.

His passion for eCommerce led him to explore Retail Blockchain, DLTs and Smart Contracts in the context of how this smart technology can help solve real-world problems for retail businesses. Using blockchain technology in retail offers multiple benefits, including reduced costs, increased transparency, faster transactions and improved security.


Mark’s retail experience covers Company structures ranging from large to small and corporate to private. Business structures range from national & International, to regional, niche and start-ups. His product portfolio is eclectic and ranges from fashion, clothing, homeware & foods to sportswear, telecoms and musical instruments.

Mark has extensive International experience, having worked throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East, including residential stays in Spain, Portugal & Chile.

Retail Blockchain

Mark’s Retail Blockchain experience is more recent and what started as a mild curiosity is now a passion. The principles of decentralised peer-to-peer digital transactions is what drives him to explore this exciting technology for the benefit of a better retail environment. As a Retail Blockchain Advisor, he is helping retail companies to explore blockchain technology within retail and eCommerce.

Mark is also a Retail Advisor to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain (APPG Blockchain), contributing to evidence sessions and relevant Advisory Board meetings using his extensive Retail & eCommerce knowledge and experience.

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