Guest Post Guidelines : Retail Blockchain & Retail Strategy

Retail Solutions
Retail Solutions is the home of blockchain solutions for the retail industry. We accept guest posts from reputable authors and companies who write unique, informative and relevant articles on Retail Strategy & Retail Blockchain technology use within Retail and eCommerce. Submission guidelines are detailed in each section below and you are invited to read through the information before contacting us with your proposal.
Guest Posts on Retail Solutions
If you would like to contribute an article or post as a guest author on the Retail Solutions website, please read the following guidelines before contacting us using the contact form below.

Guest posts must always be written solely for the Retail Solutions ( website and must not have been previously published, online, digitally or in print. Articles must be on retail strategy, retail blockchain or of interest to our readers, which may, for example, be other distributed ledger technologies, blockchain platforms, eCommerce, digital payments or other digital technology when used in the context of retail and many other topics like these.

We are happy to publish articles on subjects that we believe our readers would be interested in but we will not publish an article of low quality, on generic topics or ones that are off topic to the central theme of this website.

Featured Retail Blockchain Reviews
We like to develop relationships and partnerships with like-minded companies and individuals, people who share our passion for retail and blockchain. In this regard, we work with companies and individuals to help promote Retail Blockchain products and events that are interesting, useful or just plain downright exciting. We publish genuine reviews based on our actual experience, good or bad.

If you know of a blockchain application utilising distributed ledger technology in the Retail or eCommerce sector that hasn’t been featured on Retail Solutions, please get in touch and send us your submission. There are many companies using blockchain technology in creative ways to disrupt Retail and we want to feature them here and build a complete resource for Retailers across the World.

How to Approach Us
We never accept anything which is sub-standard, so please don’t submit anything that’s less than brilliant as we simply delete poor quality submissions without reply.

When you contact us, please refrain from marketing fluff and flattery, it simply doesn’t work. Instead, follow these simply guidelines but before you do, please read the submission guidelines;

  • Topic: the topic you are proposing, be specific as we do not accept generic articles
  • Title: the working title of the article or press release you are proposing
  • Wordcount: the number of words are you aiming for (min 800 words)
  • Author: demonstrate your writing credentials with references to recent articles written by you
  • Guidelines: confirm that you have read the submission guidelines and legal stuff on this page
  • Promotion: the ways you intend to promote the article, include links to social website accounts you intend to use
  • Declaration: declare that you will not syndicate the article, offer the same article or comparable content to anyone else (failure to adhere to this will result in the article being deleted from this site)
Guest Post Submission Guidelines
If you intend to submit a proposal for a Guest Post please follow these guidelines;

  • Posts must be well-written, using correct grammar and in UK English (not US English)
  • Articles must be unique and unpublished elsewhere, either online or in print
  • Write well-researched, in-depth and informative articles that remain on-topic
  • Writing style should be in keeping with other articles on the Retail Solutions website
  • Avoid self promotion, lightweight marketing fluff and do not pontificate
  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors (poorly written articles will be rejected)
  • We have no maximum word count but we do request a minimum of 800 words
  • Articles should be sent in a .txt file (other formats will be rejected)
  • HTML guidelines; no H1 tag, a maximum of two H2 and three H3 tags, paragraph tags should be included along with other relevant html code
  • Links should not be included (they will be removed)
  • Brief references to the company may be included
  • An Author Bio must be included, along with the Company Name
  • We reserve the right to remove inappropriate or irrelevant text, links or any other content from published submissions
  • Published articles remain the legal property of the owners of the Retail Solutions website (
  • Proper attribution of data, quotations, trademarks, copyright and other third-party content referenced in the article must be included
Guest Post Submission Terms & Conditions
We reserve the right to edit all articles submitted for publication on the Retail Solutions website (“website”, “site”) and the Owners of this website retain all rights to the article once submitted. All articles published on the website, regardless of the original author, remain the property of the owners of this website. By submitting an article to this website, you give permission for it to be published on the Retail Solutions ( website and accept that ownership of the article is the property of the owners of this website. Intellectual Property rights are owned by the owners of this website for all published articles and by submitting an article to this website, you also give permission for us to use any Trademarks and images in the submitted article.

Articles that do not meet these quality guidelines will not be published. We reserve the right to reject any article that does not meet our high standards. These rejections may or may not be communicated to the person or company who submitted the article.

Published articles may not be republished in any form, either online, digitally or in print without the permission of the owners of this website, in writing.

To be considered as a guest author on this website please complete the following submission form. It is assumed that you are seeking to share information with this community and that in return you will see value in the mutual promotion of our brands. As such, you’re expected to help promote the guest post article by sharing it across the social media networks of the brand you are hoping to promote so please list these below.
Declaration: I declare that I will not publish the article elsewhere nor syndicate the article for publication, offer the same article or comparable content to anyone else. I agree that every effort will be made to help promote this article on social media, including the social media accounts of the brand(s) seeking to be promoted. Failure to adhere to this Agreement will result in it being terminated and as a consequence, the article will be deleted from this website. I agree to the terms & conditions of this Agreement.