Retail & Blockchain.
The Perfect Blend.

Blockchain technology was designed for peer-to-peer transactions in a secure, transparent network of immutable ledgers. Retail Solutions is the home of blockchain solutions for the retail industry.


/ˈriːteɪl/ · noun
the sale of goods to the public in relatively small quantities for use or consumption rather than for resale.


/ˈblɒktʃeɪn/ · noun
a digital ledger in which transactions are recorded cryptographically and distributed publicly.

Retail Blockchain

/ˈriːteɪl ˈblɒktʃeɪn/ · noun
disruptive technology to record a digital transaction cryptographically on a blockchain within the retail sector.

Retail Solutions

Retail Solutions support retailers to identify real-world applications to solve their everyday problems utilising blockchain technology. Our Founder Mark Taylor, is a retailer with extensive Retail & eCommerce expertise, so we understand retail, from the sales floor to the board room. If you need support on a Retail Blockchain project or simply have a question, don’t be shy, get in touch.