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Driving Retail Performance, Delivering Digital Excellence
We help companies maximise their retail growth potential, working collaboratively to ensure performance improvements are delivered, developing and implementing strategies to achieve profitable growth.
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Driving Retail Performance, Delivering Profitable Growth.

We focus on driving sales, profit and customer satisfaction by working collaboratively with our clients to ensure performance improvements are delivered, developing and implementing retail strategies to achieve immediate results.

Our Retail Consultant & Board Advisor understand retail, from the sales floor to the board room, with extensive retail operations, digital & eCommerce experience gained across UK & International markets.

We also support retailers identify real-world applications to solve their everyday problems utilising the latest digital & retail blockchain technology.

We help retailers to grow, and realise their full potential by identifying solutions, Retail Solutions.

Read our in-depth thought leadership articles on a wide range of retail topics on our retail blog, including some of our most popular articles; Beginners Guide to Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Experts Guide to Direct to Consumer Strategy (D2C), SME Guide to Technical SEO, answering What is Retail Blockchain? and how Blockchain in Retail Supply Chain can help retailers, plus much more.

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What We Can Do For You

We work with owners, managers and investors to provide insight and expertise across a broad range of retail specialisms.

Retail is deceptively simple. On the one hand it is simply the process of selling an item at a higher price than it was purchased but modern retailing is so much more complex; multiple sales channels, techniques and consumer demands to decreasing margins, rising costs and ever-changing technology.

This is where we can help. We understand retail, from the sales floor to the board room. Our Founder Mark Taylor, is a retail consultant with extensive strategic, tactical and hands-on experience.

If you need support on a retail project or simply have a question, don’t be shy, get in touch.

Retail Strategy

/ˈriːteɪl/ · retail · noun

We work with retailers and their partners to resolve operational issues, hurdles & challenges, identifying and developing long term sustainable strategies to increase sales, profit and customer satisfaction.

Digital Strategy

/ˈdɪdʒɪt(ə)l/ · digital · noun

We utilise the latest techniques, tools and commercial tactics to help & support clients compete in the ever-changing digital environment to improve eCommerce performance, increase online sales & profit.

Retail Expertise

/ˈriːteɪl ˌɛkspəːˈtiːz/ · retail expertise · noun

We work with retail investors prior to acquisition, conducting market research and act as retail specialists during due diligence. Thereafter we offer interim management during transition.

Retail Blockchain

/ˈriːteɪl ˈblɒktʃeɪn/ · retail blockchain · noun

We support retailers and their supply chain partners to explore, create and develop real-world applications to solve their everyday problems using DLT & retail blockchain technology.


Retail Solutions : What People are Saying

“One of the most capable eCommerce people I have ever met.”

Mark is without any doubt one of the most capable e-commerce people I have ever met. Immediately after joining the team, he made several key contributions; he refined the business forecast, worked out a keyword strategy and executional plan, improved the website SEO, set the right priorities, sorted out key technical issues. Mark is highly committed, constructive and the kind of person that makes an impact on day one. I can highly recommend Mark to any business.

– Ralph Guttek

“Retail Blockchain Expert”

Mark is one of those rare people who has extensive retail experience and a thorough grasp of what Blockchain can bring to the retail space.

– David Lofts


I haven’t known Mark for long, but WOW! So immersed in Blockchain and has a deep understanding of the technology and importantly its value to the world. It’s clear to see the passion that flows and I am certain he will be a thought leader and innovator in this space for many years to come. “

– Karl Barker

“Open-minded & Thoughtful”

I have a good time working with Mark. He’s open-minded, very thoughtful, hardworking, friendly and helpful towards others. Mark’s knowledge in retail, blockchain and finance is of great value to any project he’s working with. Having Mark at the side made our work more secure and with excellent value.”

– Ilvers Sermols

Thought Leadership : Retail Strategy & Retail Blockchain

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